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e king was inexorable, they were attainted by act of parliament for refusing to take the required oath, and sent to the Tower. This was in December 1534.[90] The family of Sir Thomas More was plunged in affliction. His daughter Margaret having obt

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ained permission to see him, hurried to the Tower, penetrated {47} to his cell, and incapable of speaking, fell weeping into his arms. 'Daughter,' said More, restraining himself with an effort, 'let us kneel dow

  • oat which was to carry him to Lambeth, he proceeded
  • in great emotion towards the place where h
  • is future would be decided. His startled family watched him depa
  • rt. The ex-chancellor taking his seat in the boat
  • along with his son-in-law William Ro
  • per, {46} endeavored to restrain his tears and struggled but with



n.' He repeated the seven penitential Psalms, and then rising up, said: 'Dear Meg, those who have put me here think they have done me a high displeasure, but God treats me as He treats his best friends.'[91] Margaret

, who thought of nothing but to save her father, exclaimed: 'Take the oath! death is hanging over your head.' 'Nothing will happen to me but what pleases

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  • were in great odor of sanctity; they never spoke except at certain times, ate no meat, and affirmed that God had visited them in visions and miracles. Their house was not free from disorders, but many of the monks took their vocation seriously. When the r

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  • oyal commissioners visited them to tender the oath of succession, Prior Haughton, a man of small stature but agreeable appearance and noble carriage, appeared before them. The commissioners required him to acknowledge Henry's second marriage to be lawful;

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  • Haughton at first sought a loophole, and answered that the king might be divorced and married without him or his monks having anything to say to it. 'It is the king's command,' answered the commissioners, 'th

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he whispered in his ear, 'I thank our Lord, my son; the